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If you are a filmmaker, record producer, recording artist or entertainment manager and you need really great songs you’ve come to the right place. Over to the right check out some of my brand new recordings. Then click on to easily locate a large variety of styles and sounds…considerations for your current or next production.   HEAR ALL THE MUSIC:

“I would love to score your next movie”

Words and Music by…

Joel Justin


[email protected]

I hope the first thing you notice about my music is that these are not “manufactured” songs that are pieced together, looped parts cut and pasted on a timeline, calculated and sound like most everything else. Although I am quite capable of doing this in short order when a film or artist needs a special theme.
Most of these songs were written the old-fashioned way: on my faithful “Lulu” (Gibson Hummingbird acoustic)…beat to death until I’m satisfied it’s done. Then I almost always take a new song to the stage, and if it’s a winner with the audience, it jumps up the list to get recorded.
I am the author of all songs found on this website unless otherwise noted. I’m pretty sure you will be knocked out by one or more tunes here, and hope that one of my songs will bring even greater success to your new album or feature film – JJ